Veil Test Videos

VEIL is pleased to share these real-life video experiences with you


Realworld Speed Trap: Adaptiv TPX Laser Jammer & Uniden R8 vs Dragon Eye Compact

Veil G6 + Adaptiv TPX Laser Jammer successfully jamming the DragonEye


Realworld Speedtrap: Uniden R9 & Veil G6 Successfully Jamming LTI Truspeed - 2 Passes.

Veil G6 + Uniden R9 successfully jamming the LTI Truspeed


Laser Veil G4 Only vs. LTI 100LR (100pps) on Steve's Civic

Veil vs LTI Ultralyte 100LR


Laser Veil G4 Only vs. Latest Stalker LZ1 on Steve's Civic

Veil vs Stalker LZ1


Veil G4 Only vs Laser Atlanta, Stealth-Mode on Steve's Civic

Veil vs Laser Atlanta Stealth


Laser Veil G4 & Laser Shifter ZR4 versus Stalker LZ1

Veil + Laser Shifter ZR4 vs Stalker LZ1


Laser Veil G4 Only vs. Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode Video (HQ)

Veil vs Laser Atlanta Stealth


Laser Shifter ZR4 & Veil G4 vs. Laser Atlanta

Veil + Laser Atlanta vs Laser Atlanta


Night Ops: Identifying and Eliminating IR Targeting/Lasing Beam-Riding/Guidance Hot Spots with Veil G4

Veil vs IR Imaging Systems

The following videos* provide examples of what kind of protection VEIL provides you whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle with a radar detector only or with a laser jammer, as well.

Because motorcycles already have the advantage of having a lower level of laser reflectivity (laser cross-section) as compared to an automobile or SUV, when Veil G5 is used, the residual laser cross section (what is required to get a speed reading) becomes extremely little.


Veil Honda CBR1100 versus LA, stealth to gun, no speed reading obtained

Stealth-to-Gun with Laser Veil Stealth Coating only, on a Motorcycle