Test Videos

VEIL is pleased to share these real-life video experiences with you:








The following videos* provide examples of what kind of protection VEIL provides you whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle with a radar detector only or with a laser jammer, as well.

This video documents VEIL’s effectiveness on motorcycles.

Because motorcycles already have the advantage of having a lower level of laser reflectivity (laser cross-section) as compared to an automobile or SUV, when Veil G5 is used, the residual laser cross section (what is required to get a speed reading) becomes extremely little.

Stealth-to-Gun with Laser Veil Stealth Coating only, on a Motorcycle

We do recommend that riders wear dark clothing (leather, of course) and a dark helmet.  We feel that if you own a bike, all you will likely need is Veil G5 and a decent radar detector.