Veil with Laser Jammer Test Videos


How Veil Improves the Performance of Laser Jammers

Veil can also be used along side a laser jammer for a defense-in-depth approach, something the military does to make their fighter jets stealth.

Even the best laser jammers, while often very effective at defeating police laser, are not infallible and speed readings can still be made by the police in certain targeting scenarios.

Further, laser jammer mounting on a vehicle can be tricky as not all installations allow laser jammers to perform at their optimal levels.

In either instance, Veil can act as a very inexpensive solution to enhance jammer performance as the following test videos demonstrate.

When the fabulous TPX laser jammer was confronted by the two most advanced lasers today, the Stalker RLR and the Dragon Eye Compact variable pulse lasers, Veil was able to either eliminate any punch throughs (speed readings being able to be obtained) or significantly reduce any punch through distances.

For a product that costs less than $100 which can treat multiple vehicles, it is very inexpensive insurance to backstop the performance of an expensive laser jammer.

Bottom line, if you own a police laser jammer, you need to add Veil to your defense arsenal.

TPX Laser Jammer & Veil G6 vs Dragon Eye Compact Test


TPX Laser Jammer & Veil G6 vs Stalker RLR Test


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