Veil Speeding Ticket Saves


Real Police Encounters with Veil Saves using a Radar Detector

The following real-world videos demonstrate how Veil provides protection from police laser speed traps, particularly when use in conjunction with a good radar detector.

Police often target at distances of greater than 1000 feet, making it very difficult to even spot the officer.

All you need is several seconds to check your speed and adjust if necessary.

Veil G6 affords you that time.

If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on a radar detector to protect you from 1000s of dollars of potential speeding ticket fines, adding Veil G6 to your speeding ticket defense arsenal is a no-brainer.

Stealth to Gun (JTG) – 12 Seconds of Reaction Time

Veil Customer Video: Stealth to Gun: North Olmsted PD Pro Laser III vs V1C & Laser Veil

5 Seconds of Reaction Time

Whistler CR93 & Veil gives nearly five seconds of additional protection to police laser

Stealth to Gun (JTG) – 32 Seconds of Reaction Time

EPIC Veil SAVE at 45 in 30 Zone - Stealth to Gun - . Police Laser Speed Trap - June 26th, 2016