Uniden R3 & R1 Radar Detectors: Why you need to be driving with one?

Uniden R3 & R1 Radar Detectors: Why you should drive with one

Uniden R3 & R1 Radar Detectors

Uniden R3 & R1 Radar Detectors 

Updated: June 17th, 2018

Brief Introduction

I’ve been driving with both the Uniden R3 & Uniden R1 radar detectors in preparation for my formal review and have some very telling police radar encounters.  Particularly noteworthy was several encounters with a couple of Pennsylvania state troopers who ran very low-powered K-band radar at night.

What makes them especially good in these scenarios:

  • Both Uniden detectors deliver extreme sensitivity (best we have ever experienced)
  • Quick to detect instant-on police radar
  • Quick to alert to instant-on police radar with minimal processing overhead
  • Very good signal ramp up and decay with excellent latch times
  • Very quick radar band signal differentiation
  • Very good filtering algorithms ensure most alerts are to genuine police radar

These real-world experiences were very telling of the incredible performance that both the R1 & R3 offer, so much so, that I felt it was appropriate to feature them in a new video tutorial highlighting the true value in driving with an ultra-high performance radar detector and how to properly use one when confronted with some very difficult to detect radar encounters.


We recommend every existing radar detector owner as well as those considering purchasing a radar detector for the first time, to watch this video, because the knowledge you gain could very well prevent your next speeding ticket.

I think it is safe to say that it’s not so much whether or not your next radar detector purchase should be from Uniden, but simply which model you should consider, the GPS-enabled R3 or its less expensive non-gps version (but otherwise identical performance).  That’s how confident I am in either of these two wonderful new extreme performance radar detectors!

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