TPX Automotive Laser Jammer & Parking Sensor Review

TPX Laser Jammer & Parking Sensor Review

Adaptiv manages to hit a grand slam home run at its first at bat.

Updated: 08/23/2022, by Veil Guy

Adaptiv TPX Laser Jammer Test & Review
Veil Guy’s TPX Automotive Laser Jammer Review

TPX Laser Jammer Review Introduction

Adaptiv Technologies has been around a long time in the industry and while many of you may not know their name, Adaptiv is very well regarded in the motorcyclist community.  Their TPX brand of radar detectors are specifically designed for riders.

We were thrilled when Adaptiv entered the laser jammer market with a jammer specifically designed for motorcycles finally giving riders a great option that they didn’t have before.

And now we are ecstatic that Adaptiv has branched into the automotive space with a whole new model specifically designed for automobiles.

One of the special features of this new jammer is that each individual jamming head is capable of operating independently of each other and each is capable of jamming in the incoming laser pulses on their own.

Unlike other laser jamming systems, the TPX laser jammer does not require a special add-on transponder to effectively defeat the variable pulse-rate police laser guns.  This is a huge improvement over other designs.

The system can accommodate five heads, three intended for the front, and two for the rear.  However, since each head operates independently, the additional heads could be installed in the front of vehicle if it were really large (like a truck or large SUV).

The control module is elegantly designed and simple to use.

The jammer defaults to a three-second jamming cut-off which we find too short.  We feel that five to sevens seconds of operation would be more useful.  Fortunately, the cut-off mode can easily be disabled (as we did for the testing).

While jam to gun performance is typical, we strongly discourage the practice.  Do the right thing and turn off the jamming when your speed is adjusted and do not attract any unnecessary attention to yourself, by letting the officer obtain a speed.

We received a pre-release of the upcoming TPX Automotive Laser Jammer & Parking Sensor system (a mouthful) for testing and we promptly installed it on our test vehicle a Mercedes Benz C300 sedan.

Installation was easy, however, the frontal design of our vehicle did not support the mounting of the jammer heads in the grill without the fabrication of a special mounting bracket.  As such we chose our next best option and mounted the jamming heads by the fog lights.

We then proceeded to test the TPX laser jammer against the very latest police lasers–the Kustom Signals PL4, LTI SXB, and two variable pulse jam-resistant police lasers, the DragonEye Compact and Stalker RLR.  These last two guns have been notoriously difficult to defeat with a jammer.

Despite the fact that the TPX laser jammer was not mounted optimally, it performed extremely well and frankly better than our expectations.

We have produced a very detailed video review for those interested in witnessing its performance.

In-depth video review of the new TPX Automotive Laser Jammer

We also provide this test in sections, one for each specific gun tested using the this link.

Below are the details of our test.

About the Install

The three head TPX laser jammer was not optimally mounted due to the front configuration of our test vehicle. The passenger and driver side headlight transponders were not able to be mounted in the grill positioned very close to each headlight.

As a result we had to mount them lower and by the fog lights. Even with this disadvantaged mounting location, the TPX laser jammer, we found, performed well against these guns. To help mitigate the effects of the less than optimal mounting locations, after our test, we applied Veil G6 to both headlight and foglights.

The improvements speak for themselves and demonstrate that the TPX laser jammer was effective in defeating each police laser, including the variable pulse rate RLR and Compact.

To be clear, every jammer test has to be considered in its own right and comparing two different tests may not lead to conclusive outcomes.

The reasons for this are many including, the type and color of the test vehicle, location and time of day, weather, contour of the roadway (dips, etc.), position of the heads and whether they are aimed properly as well as targeting techniques.

In terms of laser jammer performance with any given test, incorporation Veil G6 into the mix clearly demonstrates that it can erase or mitigate either mounting or algorithmic deficiencies.

So here are our results:

Baselines (no jammer)


  • 1725′ at 17 mph
  • 1780′ at 25 mph

Kustom Signals Pro Laser 4

  • 1725′ at 24 mph
  • 1558′ at (no speed noted)

DragonEye Compact

  • 1616′ at (no speed noted)
  • 1576′ at 34 mph
  • 1717′ at 17 mph

Stalker RLR

  • 1645′ at 30 mph

TPX Laser Jammer Only vs Police Lasers

DragonEye Compact

  • Paint Entire Front End (panning) – JTG
  • Paint Entire Front End (panning) – 565’/39 mph, then JTG PH – 251’/37 mph
  • DH – 323’/38 mph then JTG CM – JTG
  • PH – 555’/42 mph then only at 117’/33 mph
  • PH – 546/38 mph and then again at 316′
  • DH – 582′, then JTG
  • PH – 1212′ then only at 160’/33 mph
  • DH – 633′ then at 276′ and then JTG
  • CM – JTG Paint Entire Front End (panning) – 226’/30 mph

Stalker RLR

  • Paint Entire Front End (panning) – JTG
  • PH – JTG
  • PH – JTG
  • DH – JTG
  • CM – 122’/27 mph
  • CM – 120’/28 mph
  • Paint Entire Front End (panning) – JTG

Kustom Signals Pro Laser 4

JTG in every targeting attempt – panning front, PH, DH, and CM


JTG in every targeting attempt – panning front, PH, DH, and CM

Note: PH means Passenger Headlight, DH meands driver headlight, CM means center mass (license plate).

To counter the less than optimal mounting, we then applied Veil G6 to both the headlights and foglights and retested the guns and targeting scenarios where we experienced a speed reading.  Those results follow:

TPX Laser Jammer paired with Veil G6 Tests

Stalker RLR

  • CM – JTG
  • CM – JTG

DragonEye Compact

  • PH – 184′
  • DH – JTG
  • PH – 83′
  • CM – JTG

Clearly Veil G6 was able to compensate for the less than optimal mounting positions and demonstrated that the TPX’s jammer algorithms were actually capable of effectively jamming all of the police lasers.

We fully expect if the heads were remounted in better locations, the TPX laser jammer’s outcomes would have improved with both of the variable pulse-rate guns.

We expect to retest again with improved mounting to see what improvements may be had.

As a parking sensor, the unit will being alerting to an obstruction at about 12 inches ahead of the sensors.  My preference would be an initial alert at about three feet with increasing urgency as you get closer to it, but it does the job at allowing this jammer to be legitimately classified as a parking sensor.

In any event, the new TPX laser jammer is a killer system and this is what we now rely upon as our daily driver.

Congratulations goes out to Adaptiv Technologies for making the best laser jammer we have ever tested.

The new TXP laser jammer can be pre-ordered at RadarBusters.