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by Drew Cassinelli on Veil Stealth Coating
Customer service

There's lots of talk about customer service, then there is action. I had a problem with the condition of the product on delivery and sent them an email. Within an hour my phone rang and a man named Chris from the company was calling. He asked me to describe the problem and listened. He asked me what I WANTED to do to take care of it and he followed through.Very rare in today's world and i appreciate it.

Drew C.

it's a no brainer

I drive about 30,000 miles a year on the interstates & within municipalities. Prior to applying Veil I anticipated 3-4 laser generated tickets a year. The worst was citation for "running" a red light in a city without power to run the intersection lights-their cameras worked fine but seemingly didn't record the stop prior to going through the intersection.

I spoke with the Veil Guy, made my purchase and applied it to all the shinny objects on the front of my car, to my plates and plate covers. I have done this every year since 2006 and have not received a ticket since.

2 days ago I purchased a new car. Today I called the Veil Guy and will repeat the application with a new can of this product to this car. Like putting on the seat belt, it offers a great sense of security and one in retrospect I am very happy to have been using.

Good Stuff

Got hit doing 80 on a 65 radar detector (Lidar) went off so u slowed down fast. Thought I was hit as I saw CHP pull accelerate fast and pulled over the person behind me. im very glad I put on the VEiL G5 as I believe it kept me from getting my second Lidar ticket. Great product


this product is easy to apply, and the veil guy is always eager to take the time to go over the product, and answer any questions about lidar, or lidar jamming. If a person needs great protection, this is the product for you.

Way ahead of paying fines

After tons of research about upgrading my radar detector for my Z06 (which has been modified to go a bit faster than stock) I kept reading about using Veil. There is inherently a deficiency in using detectors against Laser. Eventually, no matter how good they are, you'll outdrive the ability of the shifter to shift before you get hit again. The Veil does the trick. Not that I go tooooooo fast but still, awfully nice to have. Works.

Amazing and Works!

I was speeding down Burlington street in Hamilton Ontario 120kmh in a 60kmh zone (you lose car, license for good at that speed) and my radar detector went off saying laser and I haven't coated my headlights for a year and I'm thinking "oh great I'm screwed now". I hit the brakes and blended into traffic and NOTHING!!! The two cops didn't even move. I also have had many Ontario Provincial Police shoot me with laser while doing 165 kmh and the same thing; I brake and NOTHING.I now coat my headlights every spring and fall. I've been ticket free for 3 years / 120,000km later thanks to this and an Escort Redline with the signal chop and settings recommended by Radar Roy.I've talked with the "Veil Guy" and he's as humble and just wants to help you keep your money in your pocket.Fantastic product! Fantastic support! I can't say enough good things about this guy and his product.My gear:VeilEscort RedlineEscort Live subscriptionThanks Veil Guy!

by J.B. in South Africa on Veil Stealth Coating
Authorities Surprised

I am a motorcyclist and I have found that on several occasions the authorities were surprised that I had enough time to slow down enough before they could take a reading.

by Duncan W. in New Mexico on Veil Stealth Coating
Veil save at 15 over

...Driving in NM my laser detector alerted while at PSL +15 and I was able to slow and had no problems. That's good enough for me. 🙂

by Steve in Ohio on Veil Stealth Coating
Best Version Yet

So I applied G5 on the wife's headlights and I feel it turned out great! The clarity is night and day from past formulations. I will say it is much thicker than G4 BUT I found G5 MUCH easier to apply. Past Veil formulations were real runny and sometimes it would get on my paint so it was a pleasant surprise to see this formulation. To make it perfect it could be SLIGHTLY thinner BUT I can live with this G5 just fine. I can not comment on performance just yet but if it anything like G4 I will be a happy man. I also found it EASY to remove from paint since I got a little bit on my wife's paint by the headlight.

Veil saved me in less than 24 hours

I received my Veil stealth coating yesterday.

I applied it right away and gave it 24 hours to dry. Today I was on Interstate 20 when a trooper lasered me. I was doing 72 in 60 at the time.

My V1 alerted me, giving me enough time to slow to 54mph. The trooper stopped me anyway for my window tint. I asked him what speed he clocked me at and he replied 50mph.

Thanks in less than 24 hours the Veil saved my butt.

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