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Uniden R7 Review – Uniden’s First Directional Radar Detector

Uniden R7 Review

Uniden R7 Review: Veil Guy Reviews Uniden’s Best Radar Detector

The Uniden R7 directional radar detector offers extreme performance and is a fabulously executed follow-on to the venerable Uniden R3, single antenna radar detector.

Veil Guy’s Uniden R7 Review

Review Updated: 3/25/2024 by Veil Guy

Update: Read about the Uniden R7’s successor, the Uniden R8 radar detector.

Introduction to the Uniden R7 Review

In the Spring of 2017, Uniden took the radar detector industry by storm with the introduction of two class-leading radar detectors, the Uniden R3 and the Uniden R1.  These two radar detectors quickly established themselves as performance leaders and became big sellers, particularly the Uniden R3.