Radar detector tests & reviews using real-world traffic enforcement

radar detector tests & review 2024

Radar detector reviews you tend to find online are essentially product sales pages linking to Amazon from affiliate marketers, often providing misleading or incomplete information and often showing outdated or inferior radar detectors that shouldn’t be considered.

Affiliate marketers make their commisions whether or not you purchase the right detector or not, so most affiliate sites have no consequences if you were directed to the wrong purchase.

Our radar detector reviews, on the otherhand, are based upon real-world radar detector tests often on the road, while driving at elevated speeds where a radar detector is most valuable, where we risk actually getting speeding tickets, and we only focus on the top performing radar detectors currently available.

So you won’t find an outdated or sub-par radar detector among our reviews.

We have driven with every detector reviewed, putting our driving record on the line in the process, so you can rest assured our findings and recommendations are going to be accurate.

Here you’ll not only find a great radar detector which fits any budget, but you will also find what type of traffic enforcement that you will encounter.

Today, traffic enforcement technologies, which can be detected by the best radar detectors, come down to the folllowing:

  • X-band police radar
  • K-band police radar
  • Ka-band police radar
  • MultaRadar MRCD/MRCT photo radar
  • Gatso radar photo
  • Redflex photo radar
  • Redlight and speed on green photo radar (including Redflex HALO)
  • Police lidar
  • Poliscan scanning lidar photo enforcement

Not every radar detector is able to detect and alert to some of these systems, while other radar detectors perform better than others.

While we have conducted more tests in the past of other older radar detectors as well as laser jammers, we are only including our more recent radar detector reviews below.

Radar detector test & reviews for 2024

  • Uniden R9 Review: Uniden’s Game Changing Remote is Set to Shake The Industry Up…Again
  • Whistler Titan Review: High performance DSP makes the Titan the best radar detector ever offered by Whistler which can run with the big dogs
  • Uniden R8 Review: Supercharging the Uniden R7 makes the Uniden R8 the best directional radar detector we’ve ever driven with
  • Uniden R4 Review: A supercharged Uniden R3 with some impressive new capabilities
  • Uniden R7 Review: Offering extreme performance
  • Uniden R3 Review: Radar detector that redefines what’s possible

Radar detector tests for 2024


We hope you find these test and reviews collection insightful and enable to choose the best radar detector for your needs and budget!

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