Press Release February 25, 2015


Stealth Coating Makes Your Vehicle Invisible to Police
Unique product enhances motorists’ privacy

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – A revolutionary new product helps protect your privacy from increasingly invasive automated law enforcement technology used to track millions of drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the U.S. alone, each day on average over 100,000 people are issued speeding tickets which generated over $6 billion in revenue just last year.

Even more troubling, the American Civil Liberties Union recently published an article exposing the proliferation of automatic license plate readers which are being used to track and store indefinitely, in vast databases, the movements of innocent motorists with little or no oversight or privacy protections.

Veil Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of police laser and photo enforcement countermeasures, has announced the release of its new Veil® G5 Stealth Coating which retails at less than $100 and is available online.

A waterborne polymer that is applied to a vehicle’s headlights and other reflective surfaces, Veil G5 was specifically created for motorists concerned about protecting themselves from these disturbing trends. Its unique patented formula absorbs police laser making it more difficult for a vehicle’s speed to be measured. Consequently, drivers and motorcyclists alike are afforded the ability to avoid traffic citations by having additional reaction time to slow down while being targeted. Additionally, Veil G5 absorbs the infrared light used by the latest photo enforcement and vehicle tracking systems making license plates treated with it more difficult to be identified.

The developer of the technology, known online as the “Veil Guy” said, “This latest version of Veil offers significant advantages over previous generations, including improved application and a more discreet appearance.” He added that, “it’s the only product of its kind on the market, and its use is essential for motorists seeking an affordable solution that offers a high level of protection from increasingly invasive traffic enforcement and indiscriminate mass surveillance.”

Veil Corporation is actively pursuing new markets both domestically and internationally as it expands its dealer and distribution networks.

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