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Veil G5.6 Review & Test by Speed Measurement Labs

Speed Measurement Labs Laser Veil Reviews

Veil,  on more than one occasion, has visited one of the most recognized countermeasure reviewers and testers of the time–Carl Fors of Speed Measurement Labs.

We. at Veil, wanted to make sure that all of our engineering work over the 10-year period of Veil development, actually perform against police laser and the officers who actually used them.

All of the major countermeasure and radar detector manufacturers descended to El Paso Texas in the hot month of July.

Carl and his crew of testers which included several members of the Texas Highway Patrol conducted thorough tests over a three day period.

Below is the report of one of SML’s testing of the Veil Stealth Coating:

Knowing the futility of a radar detector’s ability to provide any advanced warning to police laser guns, many laser counter measures have become popular. Last year we tested a product designed to reduce the laser Veil targeting profile of a vehicle. The product was Laser Veil,, and it showed promise.

We have tested bogus products in the past including laser license plate covers, license plate sprays designed to defeat photo radar, radar jammers, and even car wax designed to make you invisible to radar. The were just that….bogus! Not so with Laser Veil. This product works on the assumption of reducing the laser reflectivity areas of the vehicle targeted by laser guns, i.e. the license plate and the headlights.

It is applied to the license plate and the headlights with provided brushes. To test its effectiveness we used two target vehicles and a Harley Davidson. Officers first established a targeting baseline for each vehicle. A laser gun’s ability to target is greatly based on the color of the vehicle.

The lighter the vehicle, the easier the targeting. A white colored vehicle is the easiest target for a laser gun as the color white reflects all colors including laser’s infrared light. The darker the vehicle the more difficult it is to target. A black car with no chrome, no front plate, and pop down headlights is virtually impossible to target with laser.

Contrary to popular opinions, are easy targets especially if they have a large headlight like a Harley. A light colored, taupe, Speed Measurment Laboratories Certified Buick was an easy target for the laser gun. The Kustom Pro III laser got a target reading on the Buick on average at 1,640 feet. The dark blue Dodge was a more difficult target averaging a target reading at 1,256 feet, a target reduction distance of 24%.

sml certified logo

The Harley’s large headlight made it easily seen by the laser on average at 1,580 feet. Each target vehicle was run at the laser gun three times to establish a targeting distance. All testing parameters being equal, Laser Veil was then applied to the targeting point on each vehicle, the driver’s side headlight. The test vehicles were then run again at the same speed Escort and from the same distances toward the police laser gun three times.

On average Laser Veil reduced the targeting distance of the Buick by 65% to 577 feet, It reduced the targeting distance of the Dodge by 64% to 456 feet and it reduced the Harley’s targeting distance by 49% to 812 feet.

SML Concluded:

Based on the replicated testing procedures, Laser Veil performs as advertised as is awarded SML Performance Certification seal.

We, at Veil, were thrilled that after 10 years of development, our engineers were able to reach their target endpoints and Laser Veil was introduced to the public in late 2004.


Radar Busters Veil Review

At the testing event, we met one of the most recognized countermeasure retailers in the industry, Radar Busters.  At first skeptical, “Radar Roy” Reyer expressed interest in selling Veil as an adjunct to the many radar detectors he sold.  But first, Roy wanted to conduct his own tests.  So, over the years of our different generations of Veil–from G2 through G5, Roy conducted several tests and reviews.

On of the more memorable tests was conducted with several sports cars against RadarBusters arsenal of police laser.  Being a retired police officer, Roy knew well how police target vehicles.  Once again, Veil showed its chops.  Radar Busters continues to this day to be a great resource for the industry.

Below is a video documentation of one of the more recent tests he conducted.


VEiL G5 Product Test and Review - Veil G5.5 Now Available

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Radar Test Veil Review

Another one of the most recognized and revered countermeasure testers was Craig Peterson of RadarTest.

Craig was well known for his reviews of radar detectors and had an extensive knowledge of police radar and police laser.  Craig’s reviews have appeared in some major automotive magazines, including Automobile and Car & Driver.

One day, we reached out to Craig and asked if he would consider testing Laser Veil.  Over the years, Craig tested countless countermeasures that claimed to defeat both police radar and police laser.  Just about everyone he tested proved to be ineffective.  As such, Craig was quite skeptical of our claim, however he did ultimately decide to give us test.  The condition was that 1) we had no control over the tests he conducted, and 2) we would not be able to influence his review findings.  We agreed and for two days in Arizona, Craig and his staff tested Veil (along with a Blinder laser jammer).

You can read Craig’s Veil review in its entirety.

Some of the highlights of Peterson’s test can be found below:

During testing we also found that using Veil with even a marginal laser jammer will enhance the laser jammer’s performance. The magic coating even made a K40 Defuser Plus look like it was dramatically chopping the range of some lasers. (It wasn’t the jammer, trust us; Veil was doing all the work.)

We’ve tested dozens of products over the years that promised to defeat lasers, including another liquid anti-laser coating. None worked. So we were frankly skeptical about Veil’s claims. But after spending three days testing it on different cars and against different lasers, we can offer some conclusions.

…After 120-plus man-hours of testing it on a variety of vehicles, we can confirm that Laser Veil indeed cuts laser target-acquisition range, sometimes dramatically so…Laser Veil in most cases will buy you valuable extra time to react to a laser ambush.



Motor Trend Magazine Laser Veil Review

With some solid testing under our belt, Veil came to the attention of Motor Trend magazine.

Conclusion of Motor Trend’s Laser Veil Tests:

..Laser Veil was found to reduce the effective capture range by up to 77 percent.”Their tests concluded that the when one combines a reasonably priced radar detector with Laser Veil, you will: “significantly reduce the ability of properly deployed police laser to target your vehicle, to a distance well within your visual identification of the threat……

Without question this is the best bang for the buck solution.

Rich Truesdell,  Motor Trend


Other Automotive and Motorcycle Magazines Veil Review Articles


celebrity car covercelebrity car article








Veil is a special coating that you apply on your car that effectively absorbs lidar energy rfom police laser guns.The most common areas an officer points the laser at are your headlights and license plate [which are the most reflective].Just apply some VEIL on those areas and it will cause the laser signal to be inaccurate.Tests have shown that Veil can reduce the effective range of a laser gun by 50 percent.”For something that’s less than a hundred dollars, it’s well worth it.

Tom Ham, Celebrity Car


mustang enthusiast covermustang enthusiast article

…At a price of less than $100 for up to 10 applications, VEIL is a great place to start your journey into stealth technology, as it reduces average targeting distances from 39 to 77 percent, giving you an additional second or two to spot and react to police laser traps.

Richard Truesdell, Mustang Enthusiast



iron horse coveriron horse article

…For motorcycles, the lack of vertical and reflective surfaces enhances the product’s performance, perhaps making a bike invisible……Veil proved itself by reducing laser readouts by 50 to 70 percent under various conditions.  In layman’s terms, this mean [sic] a motorcycle traveling at 70mph (120kph) would have an additional seven seconds to slow down, certainly enough to avoid a ticket.

avoid getting tickets with Veil G5.10


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