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Whistler Titan Review – Whistler’s Radar Detector That Runs With The Big Dogs.

Whistler Titan

Whistler Titan Review

High performance DSP makes the Titan the best radar detector ever offered by Whistler which can run with the big dogs.

Written: 08/21/2020, by Veil Guy
Updated: 08/31/2022

Veil Guy’s Whistler Titan Review


This Whistler Titan review has been a long time coming.  I expected to publish it at the end of 2020, but as the COVID pandemic evolved into causing worldwide disruptions of supply chains, especially semi-conductor production, the Whistler Titan has been delayed for nearly two years!

Best radar detector reviews 2022 with concise rankings.

Best Radar Detectors of 2022

Best radar detector reviews 2022

What are the best radar detectors for beating speeding tickets?

Updated: 6-3-2022 by Veil Guy

Best Radar Detectors of 2022 Ranked

  • Overall Best Radar Detector
    Uniden R8 – $699
  • 2nd Best
    Uniden R4 – $449
  • 3rd Best
    Escort MAXcam 360c – $849
  • 4th Best
    Uniden R7 – $479
  • 5th Best
    Escort Redline 360c – $799
  • 6th Best
    Valentine 1 Gen2 – $499

  • 7th Best
    Escort Max 360c – $649
  • 8th Best
    Escort Max 3 – $399
  • 9th Best
    Cobra DualPro 360 – $449
  • 10th Best
    Uniden R3 – $299
  • 11th Best
    Radenso XP – $189
  • 12th Best
    Escort iXc – $449
  • 13th Best
    Radenso Pro M – $449
  • 14th Best
    Whistler CR97 – $189
  • 15th Best
    Escort X80 – $299
  • 16th Best
    Adaptiv TPX Pro – $399

Best Radar Detector Reviews of 2022

Despite COVID-19 and the subsequent lock-down of our economy, the best radar detector manufacturers continue to crank out, ever better radar detectors.  Just in the first six months, drivers have been presented with new appetizing radar detectors.

As this pandemic rolls into 2022, I suspect many people will opt to travel by car than airplane and after a long lull, police appear to be issuing tickets to speeders with greater frequency, perhaps to make up for short-falls in municipal budgets over the last several years.

Whistler CR97 Review: The CR97 Does Something No Other Detector Can

Whistler CR97

Whistler CR-97 Review

The Whistler CR97 does something cool that you won’t find with any other radar detector.

Whistler CR97 Review

By: Veil Guy, Updated: 09-22-2018

Introduction to the Whistler CR97

We have been anticipating the new Whistler CR97 for some time and after driving with this new radar detector for more than 12,000 miles–more than any other detector prior to its public release–it was certainly worth that wait.

For those that have followed me over the last 14 years, you know that I hold Whistler in high regard for consistently producing radar detectors that offer very good performance for a great value. I am pleased to report that the new Whistler CR97 provides an incremental improvement that is greater than any model introduction that has preceded it.

Whistler CR93/CR88 Review: Veil Guy Reviews the Whistler CR88 & CR93 Radar Detectors

Whistler CR93 Review & Whistler CR88 Review

Whistler CR93 Review & Whistler CR88 Review

Whistler CR93/CR88 Review: Veil Guy Reviews the Whistler CR88 and CR93 Radar Detector

The Whistler CR93 and Whistler CR88 radar detectors, demonstrate that Whistler continues to push their own performance envelope.

By Veil Guy

Published: 9-9-16

Introduction to the Whistler CR93 & Whistler CR88 Radar Detector

The publishing of this review has  long been overdue as Whistler had provided me with an early production sample, back in June, of their up and coming release of the new Whistler CR93 and Whistler CR88 radar detectors.  Both the Whistler CR93 and Whistler CR88 radar detectors replace their outgoing Whistler CR90 and Whistler CR85 detectors.