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Best radar detector reviews 2019: top-rated radar detectors

Best radar detector reviews 2019 of the best radar detectors Radar detector reviews of the best radar detectors of 2019 from Escort, Radenso, Valentine, and Whistler. Updated: 1-2-2019 Introduction Radar detectors have been around a long time, nearly 40 years, and for much of that time the best radar detector was considered to be one that was

Whistler CR97 Review: The CR97 Does Something No Other Detector Can

Whistler CR-97 Review The Whistler CR97 does something cool that you won’t find with any other radar detector. Whistler CR97 Review By: Veil Guy, Updated: 09-22-2018 Introduction to the Whistler CR97 We have been anticipating the new Whistler CR97 for some time and after driving with this new radar detector for more than 12,000 miles–more

Best Radar Detector Reviews: Top rated-radar detectors of 2016

  Best Radar Detector Reviews 2016: The Top-Rated Radar Detectors What are the best radar detectors on the market today for avoiding speeding tickets? Updated: 12-31-2016 by Veil Guy Read our updated radar detector review of the best radar detectors of 2017. Best Radar Detector Reviews 2016 Introduction To save you time, I’m providing a

Whistler CR93/CR88 Review: Veil Guy Reviews the Whistler CR88 & CR93 Radar Detectors

  Whistler CR93/CR88 Review: Veil Guy Reviews the Whistler CR88 and CR93 Radar Detector The Whistler CR93 and Whistler CR88 radar detectors, demonstrate that Whistler continues to push their own performance envelope. By Veil Guy Published: 9-9-16   Introduction to the Whistler CR93 & Whistler CR88 Radar Detector The publishing of this review has  long