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TMG Alpha-17 (a-17) Review – best 2-head laser jammer we’ve tested.

Adaptiv TPX Alpha-17 Laser Jammer Test & Review

TMG Alpha-17 Laser Jammer Review

The TMG a-17 laser jammer performs extremely well with only two standard jamming heads

Updated: 01/13/2023, by Veil Guy

Veil Guy’s TMG a-17 Laser Jammer Test & Review

TMG Alpha-17 Laser Jammer Review Summary


  • Best performing 2-head laser jammer we’ve ever tested
  • Very high performance consistency with 2-heads
  • Connecting cables are thick, durable,  and allow solid connections to the laser jamming heads
  • Cables support connecting two heads requiring only one cable (for the non-VPR standard operating heads)
  • Supports up to six heads (four standard and two VPR)
  • CPU control module has been upgraded for reduced RF and improved electronic stability over the TMG Alpha-15
  • Higher current fuses
  • System can be powered three different ways
  • Audi alerting volume is terrific
  • Bluetooth support allows for easy firmware updating and control via Apple of Android smartphone apps.
  • Configurable jamming duration
  • Reasonably priced and less components required as compared to the ALP laser jammers to achieve similar performance


  • No parking sensor mode
  • Head placement can be tricky when mounting the VPR head
  • CPU and control module are one in the same requiring more cables to fish through the firewall and connect to the CPU
  • No separate control module
  • CPU module is not designed to be installed under the hood
  • Tolerances could be improved with the CPU module to allow easier dip switch changing
  • Difficult to remove cable connections from CPU without a small flat-head screw driver
  • Cable jacket connection point to control module could be jacketed better
  • Connections of jamming heads to the control module requires paying close attention to details
  • No system self-check at startup to indicate a failed connection or jamming head


Overview of the TMG Alpha-17 Laser Jammer

Facets TMG, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer came on the US scene several years ago with their Alpha-15 laser jammer.

RadarBusters & Veil tested the 2-head laser jammer with good, but not consistently exceptional results.

Whistler Titan Review – Whistler’s Radar Detector That Runs With The Big Dogs.

Whistler Titan

Whistler Titan Review

High performance DSP makes the Titan the best radar detector ever offered by Whistler which can run with the big dogs.

Written: 08/21/2020, by Veil Guy
Updated: 08/31/2022

Veil Guy’s Whistler Titan Review


This Whistler Titan review has been a long time coming.  I expected to publish it at the end of 2020, but as the COVID pandemic evolved into causing worldwide disruptions of supply chains, especially semi-conductor production, the Whistler Titan has been delayed for nearly two years!

TPX Automotive Laser Jammer Test & Review

Adaptiv TPX Laser Jammer Test & Review

TPX Laser Jammer Review & Test

This Adaptiv TPX jammer manages to hit a grand slam home run at its first at bat.

Updated: 01/02/2023, by Veil Guy

Veil Guy’s TPX  Laser Jammer Test & Review

TPX Laser Jammer Review Summary


  • Best performing laser jammer right out of the box
  • High powered VPR head included as standard
  • Very high performance consistency
  • Flexible head placement
  • CPU can be mounted under hood requiring only one cable to the control module to pass through the firewall
  • USB type connections to control module very desirable allowing for easy connection and disconnection of cables
  • Uncomplicated system making installation and operation a snap even for novices
  • Audi alerting volume is terrific
  • Parking sensor mode
  • Reasonably priced and less components required as compared to the ALP laser jammers to achieve similar performance


  • Bluetooth support would be nice for operation, control, and firmware updating
  • Short auto jamming operation of three seconds (unless in manual JTK mode)
  • Cable jacket connection point to control module could be improved and be more durable
  • No system check at startup to indicate a failed connection or jamming head


Adaptiv Technologies has been around a long time in the industry and while many of you may not know their name, Adaptiv is very well regarded in the motorcyclist community.  Their TPX brand of radar detectors are specifically designed for riders.

Uniden R8 Review: The New King of Radar Detectors

Uniden R8

Uniden R8 Review

Supercharging the Uniden R7 makes the Uniden R8 the best directional radar detector we’ve ever driven with.

Updated: 07/13/2022, by Veil Guy

Veil Guy’s Uniden R8 Review

Uniden R8 Review Introduction

For the last several years I have been crisscrossing the country every three months as I am participating in a clinical trial located on the opposite coast.  The total round-trip mileage often exceeds 6000 miles each trip.

Uniden R4 Review: Best Single Antenna Radar Detector

Uniden R4

Uniden R4 Review

A supercharged Uniden R3 with some impressive new capabilities

Updated: 01/14/2022, by Veil Guy

Veil Guy’s Uniden R4 Review

Uniden R4 Review Introduction

Back in September of 2021, the owner of RadarBusters and I recently went on a 16,000 mile road-trip throughout large parts of the United States to the Eastern provinces of Canada.  Victoria and I had been recently vaccinated so when the prime minister of Canada re-opened its borders to vaccinated citizens with proof of a negative COVID test, we jumped at the opportunity to visit.  I’ve been to Canada a good number of times, but for Victoria, this was her first trip there. The provinces we visited included Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and ultimately Newfoundland.

Best radar detectors of 2023 ranked with concise reviews.

Best Radar Detectors of 2022

Review of the Best radar detectors for 2023

What are the best radar detectors for beating speeding tickets?

Updated: 02-11-2023 by Veil Guy

Top 15 Best Radar Detectors of 2023 Ranked

  • #1 Best –  Uniden R8 – $699
  • #2 Best – Escort Redline 360c – $799
  • #3 Best (tie) – Escort Max 360c Mk II – $699
  • #3 Best (tie) – Escort MAXcam 360c – $849
  • #5 Best – Valentine 1 Gen2 – $499
  • #6 Best – Uniden R4 – $449
  • #7 Best – Whistler Titan – $349
  • #8 Best – Uniden R7 – $479
  • #9 Best – Uniden R3 – $299
  • #10 Best – Escort Max 3 – $399
  • #11 Best – Cobra DualPro 360 – $449
  • #12 Best – Radenso XP – $189
  • #13 Best – Radenso Pro M – $449
  • #14 Best – Whistler CR97 – $189
  • #15 Best – Adaptiv TPX Pro – $399

Quick summary of our best radar detector test results:

  • The Uniden R8, Uniden R4, Escort Redline 360c, Escort Max 360c Mk II, V1 Gen2, and Whistler Titan are best radar detectors to consider.
  • The Uniden R8 is the best radar detector overall at any price point.
  • The Uniden R7, Uniden R3, and Whistler Titan are the best value-priced radar detectors at their reduced price points.\
  • The best GPS single-antenna radar detectors are the Uniden R4 or Whistler Titan.
  • The Escort Redline 360c remains the best stealth radar detector.
  • The Escort MAXcam 360c is the best radar detector and dash cam.
  • The Escort Redline 360c, Uniden R8, and Whistler Titan remain my top choices when I go for long-distance multi state and Canadian province drives.
  • The new V1 Gen2 is a worthy replacement to the original V1, although the Uniden R8 and Uniden R4 detectors can detect more types of speed radars.
  • For difficult to detect radars like Gatso, MultaRadar, or Redflex we recommend opting for the Uniden R8 or Uniden R4 over all others.
  • The Adaptiv TPX Pro is the best motorcycle radar detector.

Best Radar Detector Reviews of 2023

Despite frequent supply-chain issues for much of 2022, radar detector manufacturers have continued to crank out even better radar detectors, although purchasing availability has been spotty at times. For our 2023 radar detector rankings, we have dropped the Escort X80 as it simply is too outdated and has been listed as out of stock on Escort’s site for some time.

Cobra DualPro 360 Review – The Cobra Dual Pro 360 is the Best Detector for the Money, Period

Cobra DualPro 360, Dual Pro 360

Cobra DualPro 360 Review

Our testing and review leads us to believe that the Cobra DualPro 360 is simply the best on the market, for the money

Review Introduction

We first saw the Cobra DualPro 360 when we had visited Cobra’s parent company at their Chicago office.  We visited them to hear about and discuss their up-and-coming products at the time, the Cobra Dual Pro 360 and the Cobra Road Scout.  The Cobra team also laid out their strategy for 2019.

At the time we felt the challenge for Cobra was going to be overcoming image of the Cobra brand among the radar detector enthusiast community, whose perception is that Cobra radar detectors are not top-tier.  Historically, that may have been the case, but no longer and it’s certainly not the case with these two new Cobra detectors.  Indeed, we had noted that Cobra did start producing an upscale detector, their first DSP model, the Cobra DSP-9200BT, some three years ago and that it did offer good performance.

Cobra Road Scout Review – Cobra’s Novel Radar Detector & Integrated Dash Cam is a Winner

Cobra Road Scout

Cobra Road Scout Review

The Cobra Road Scout leads me to ask, why don’t all radar detectors have an integrated dash cam?

Review Introduction

We first saw the new Cobra Road Scout at Cobra’s headquarters in Chicago, seven months ago.  When Cobra’s executives described their new design, we were skeptical at first.  But when the Cobra team actually showed us the Cobra Road Scout in person, we had a change of heart not only by the concept, but by the Cobra Road Scout’s novel design.

You see, the Cobra Road Scout is the first device of its kind–a combination dash cam and radar detector, all-in-one.

Uniden R7 Review – Uniden’s First Directional Radar Detector

Uniden R7 Review

Uniden R7 Review: Veil Guy Reviews Uniden’s Best Radar Detector

The new directional Uniden R7 Offers Extreme Performance

Review Updated: 1/19/2022 by Veil Guy

Veil Guy’s Uniden R7 Review

Update: Read about the all new Uniden R8 radar detector.

Introduction to the Uniden R7 Review

In the Spring of 2017, Uniden took the radar detector industry by storm with the introduction of two class-leading radar detectors, the Uniden R3 and the Uniden R1.  These two radar detectors quickly established themselves as performance leaders and became big sellers, particularly the Uniden R3.

How the New Uniden R7 Handles MultaRadar MRCD & MRCT Speed Cameras

Uniden R7 vs MultaRadar MRCT Speed Cameras

Uniden R7 versus MultaRadar MRCT/MRCT Photo Enforcement Speed Cameras

Does the new Uniden R7 measure up to the challenge?

Uniden R7 vs MultaRadar Speed Cameras
Published: 05-22-19, Veil Guy

The new Uniden R7 has the ability to detect MultaRadar photo enforcement speed cameras when enabled in the configuration menu. We’ve tested a number of different radar detectors with these very hard to detect forms of K-band radar with varying degrees of success.

So, when we received one of a handful or pre-release Uniden R7s, we were interested to see how well the Uniden R7 actually did when faced with one of these systems. We selected one particular location that is especially challenging on radar detectors that are claimed to detect MRCT & MRCD because not only are there two systems (each facing different directions) but they are straddled by two K-band speed signs.