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How to Avoid Speeding Tickets: Essential Tips You Need to Know

Higher Speed Limits Will Reduce Incidence of Speeding Tickets

How to avoid speeding tickets

Essential tips you need to know to avoid a speeding ticket

Published: 10-2-16

Higher Speed Limits Will Reduce Incidence of Speeding Tickets

Let’s not beat around the bush.  If you are researching on how to avoid speeding tickets, you probably speed at some point or are at least concerned enough about potentially getting a speeding ticket if you travel areas that are routinely patroled.  In and of itself, speeding doesn’t make you an unsafe driver, despite claims by the politically correct crowd or from the revenue generating municipalities. Prudent driving is safe driving–irrespective of speed–as Montanans once knew and Texans are discovering (recently posting the highest speed limit in North America at 85mph).

Laser Detector Reviews: Best laser detectors at preventing speeding tickets

best laser detector

Police Laser Detectors Review

Review of the best laser detectors at preventing police laser speeding tickets

Updated: 12-30-2020 by Veil Guy

Best Laser Detector: Valentine 1 (Now V1 Gen2)

Introduction to Laser Detectors

If you recently received a speeding ticket and the officer who pulled you over told you that he used police laser on you or you read your speeding ticket and you saw the word “lidar”, you are probably wondering how exactly he determined your speed and if there was a way in preventing another speeding ticket in the future.  And you wouldn’t be alone.