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Escort MAX 4 Radar Detector

Escort Max 4 review preview

Escort MAX 4 Review Preview

The Escort MAX 4 is Escort’s new top of the line single antenna radar detector which will ultimately replace the outgoing Escort MAX 3.

The Escort MAX 4 promises improvements in both performance and filtering over its predecessor, the Escort MAX 3.

Updated: 5-4-24

Escort MAX 4’s highlights:

  • Dual-core processor
  • Escort MAX 4 dual LNA design (low noise amplifier) for improved range and reduced detectability to SPECTRE RDDs
  • MultaRadar photo enforcement detection
  • Mestafusion detection (used in Alberta, CA)
  • Filtering
  • Escort’s DriveSmarter (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible app) support
  • USB-C data port (a first for Escort)

The Escort MAX 4 is Escort’s first conventional single-antenna radar detector that utilizes dual LNA circuitry (first appearing in the Beltronics STi Driver and subsequently the original Escort Redline) and represents Escort’s counter to the Uniden R4, which also incorporates LNAs, at a price point that is only $20 greater than the Uniden.

Escort Redline EX Review/Preview: The king is dead, long live the king!

Escort Redline EX

Escort Redline EX Review/Preview

The Escort Redline finally gets a significant makeover

Written: 01-22-2017 by Veil Guy
Updated: 3-25-2024

Escort Redline EX Prototypes (formerly Redline 2)

Fans of the Escort Redline have a new treat, the new Escort Redline EX (formerly called the Escort Redline 2)

For the last several years, the Escort brand has seen some pretty significant changes at the helm at the hands of its new owner.  As can be the case, things at times may seem “chaotic” or in flux, but eventually from “chaos” can come order.  With Escort–at least from an engineering stand-point–it appears that the brand remains under good stewardship with a continued focus on product innovation, even if those changes are not coming as forthright as some of us would prefer.