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Best radar detector reviews 2022 with concise rankings.

Best Radar Detectors of 2022

Best radar detector reviews 2022

What are the best radar detectors for beating speeding tickets?

Updated: 6-3-2022 by Veil Guy

Best Radar Detectors of 2022 Ranked

  • Overall Best Radar Detector
    Uniden R8 – $699
  • 2nd Best
    Uniden R4 – $449
  • 3rd Best
    Escort MAXcam 360c – $849
  • 4th Best
    Uniden R7 – $479
  • 5th Best
    Escort Redline 360c – $799
  • 6th Best
    Valentine 1 Gen2 – $499

  • 7th Best
    Escort Max 360c – $649
  • 8th Best
    Escort Max 3 – $399
  • 9th Best
    Cobra DualPro 360 – $449
  • 10th Best
    Uniden R3 – $299
  • 11th Best
    Radenso XP – $189
  • 12th Best
    Escort iXc – $449
  • 13th Best
    Radenso Pro M – $449
  • 14th Best
    Whistler CR97 – $189
  • 15th Best
    Escort X80 – $299
  • 16th Best
    Adaptiv TPX Pro – $399

Best Radar Detector Reviews of 2022

Despite COVID-19 and the subsequent lock-down of our economy, the best radar detector manufacturers continue to crank out, ever better radar detectors.  Just in the first six months, drivers have been presented with new appetizing radar detectors.

As this pandemic rolls into 2022, I suspect many people will opt to travel by car than airplane and after a long lull, police appear to be issuing tickets to speeders with greater frequency, perhaps to make up for short-falls in municipal budgets over the last several years.

Cobra DualPro 360 Review – The Cobra Dual Pro 360 is the Best Detector for the Money, Period

Cobra DualPro 360, Dual Pro 360

Cobra DualPro 360 Review

Our testing and review leads us to believe that the Cobra DualPro 360 is simply the best on the market, for the money

Review Introduction

We first saw the Cobra DualPro 360 when we had visited Cobra’s parent company at their Chicago office.  We visited them to hear about and discuss their up-and-coming products at the time, the Cobra Dual Pro 360 and the Cobra Road Scout.  The Cobra team also laid out their strategy for 2019.

At the time we felt the challenge for Cobra was going to be overcoming image of the Cobra brand among the radar detector enthusiast community, whose perception is that Cobra radar detectors are not top-tier.  Historically, that may have been the case, but no longer and it’s certainly not the case with these two new Cobra detectors.  Indeed, we had noted that Cobra did start producing an upscale detector, their first DSP model, the Cobra DSP-9200BT, some three years ago and that it did offer good performance.

Cobra Road Scout Review – Cobra’s Novel Radar Detector & Integrated Dash Cam is a Winner

Cobra Road Scout

Cobra Road Scout Review

The Cobra Road Scout leads me to ask, why don’t all radar detectors have an integrated dash cam?

Review Introduction

We first saw the new Cobra Road Scout at Cobra’s headquarters in Chicago, seven months ago.  When Cobra’s executives described their new design, we were skeptical at first.  But when the Cobra team actually showed us the Cobra Road Scout in person, we had a change of heart not only by the concept, but by the Cobra Road Scout’s novel design.

You see, the Cobra Road Scout is the first device of its kind–a combination dash cam and radar detector, all-in-one.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT Review: New Cobra Radar Detector is their Best Yet

Cobra DSP 9200 BT Review

Cobra DSP 9200 BT Review

Good things come in (very) small packages

By Veil Guy — August 20, 2015

Cobra DSP 9200 BT Review


2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the radar detector industry. We saw an old player (Uniden) re-emerge, after a long absence, with a series of all-new radar detectors and stay tuned for some new product announcements that are going to shake things up in a huge way.

But what’s especially fascinating happened this past June. Cobra Electronics, long a competitor to Escort, has been merged with Escort to form Cedar Electronics Holdings Corp. The merging of these two companies is the equivalent of the formal ending of hostilities between the Hatfields and McCoys. There’s been some “bad blood” between these companies over the years, broken agreements, claims of patent infringements, lawsuits, etc. All of this will be history now. I can only imagine the dynamics of the blending of the two corporate cultures. But, I am pleased to see that an appropriate “pecking-order” was chosen for Cedar’s executive management team, with Escort at the top. I wish this new team the best going forward.