MUST SEE: Escort Max 360 Versus Multiple Ka Threats

MUST SEE: Escort Max 360 Versus Multiple Ka Threats

After this introduction, we set out to find a complex operating speed trap to see if the new Escort Max 360 radar detector had the chops to deal with it and we got lucky finding one.

I’m very pleased to say, we weren’t disappointed with the performance of the Escort Max 360.

Check it out!

While it’s still very early, I think the time is soon  coming (if it’s not already here) that the sheer performance potential of Escort’s new M6 dual front and rear facing antenna platform–that the Escort Max 360 uses–is going exceed that of the platforms that have preceded it.

If Ron Gividen of Escort is correct that the Escort Max 360 that we tested with is still not fully tweaked, I am hoping that there is a real possibility that it’s quite possible.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!   In any event, I think it’s safe to say that Escort’s better days are ahead of them.

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In the meantime, be sure to drive smart and ticket free.

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