Uniden R3 & Uniden R1 Review/Preview: Game-changing new radar detectors

Uniden R1 & Uniden R3 Review/Preview: Game-changing new radar detectors

Radar Detection Greatness in the Making?

Published: 05-03-2017, by Veil Guy


Uniden R1 & Uniden R3 Radar Detectors

Uniden R1 & Uniden R3 Radar Detectors


Introduction to the R1 and R3 Radar Detectors

For those of us who have been using radar detectors since the late 70s, the name Uniden may ring a bell and you may be asking yourself, “didn’t they used to make radar detectors”?  But perhaps you may not be aware that Uniden has been producing capable windshield-mount models over the course of the last several years, under the proverbial radar.

I think it’s safe to say, that with these two new radar detectors, the Uniden R1 and the GPS-enabled Uniden R3, Uniden will no longer be a “sleeper” manufacturer in the radar detector industry.

One one hand, you can think of the R1 and R3 models as being “digital” (ie; DSP) versions of last year’s models the Uniden DFR6 and Uniden DFR7 models, models that themselves succeeded the Uniden LRD950 and Uniden LRD850 of previous years.  On the other hand, both the R1 and R3 appear to be much more than that as both models come with a host of significant improvements over their predecessors.

What makes these two new radar detectors so special is that the radar detection performance and filtering quality appear to be at or very near the best that this industry currently has to offer, which in itself, is a remarkable feat.

While not quite in their finalized production forms, early testing, from some within the online community, is showing that Uniden is working on producing no-holds-barred performing products and intending to (re)establish itself as a serious player in this industry.

When you consider that the MAP pricing of these models are $299.95 and $399.95 for the R1 and R3, respectively.  These are indeed, exciting times.

Notable Features of the R1 & R3:

  • Digital signal processor
  • Both the Uniden R1 and R3 provide extreme radar sensitivity
  • GPS with red light camera alerts (Uniden R3 only)
  • Free GPS database updates
  • Quiet Ride – User set speed auto mute
  • Updatable via USB connection to PC
  • “Bright” Color OLED display
  • K false filter
  • KA false filter
  • Ka Narrow/Wide
  • Spectre Elite undetectable
  • Single suction cup bracket included
  • Double suction cup bracket included
  • Cigarette adapter with MUTE KEY and USB JACK
  • Carrying case

Full reviews will be forthcoming once the models become more representative of production units.

RadarBusters will be offering both the Uniden R3 & Uniden R1 radar detectors.

Expected shipping date is currently slated to be the end of the May.