Laser Veil G5 Stealth Coating

police laser targeting

Imagine driving a vehicle that’s invisible.   

Incredible as it sounds, today, in the U.S. alone, motorists will be issued more than 125,000 speeding tickets!  20% of those citations will result from police laser traffic enforcement.

What’s even more disturbing, all motorists’ privacy are regularly being invaded both on the roadways and in parking lots by the ever expanding use of automated licence plate recognition tracking systems.

With these troubling facts in mind, ask yourself:

  • Would I like to safely avoid speeding tickets?
  • Would I like to protect my privacy?

You can now with Veil.

Major benefits of driving with Veil G5:

  • Reduces the targeting range of police laser, making it harder to obtain your speed
  • Helps your plate from being identified by IR photo enforcement and ALPR systems
  • Protects your headlights from long-term UV damage and oxidation

Get to know the threats you face every day and how Veil will protect you from them.

If you are already familiar with these threats, experience for yourself how Veil works again real speed traps.

Featured Customer Testimonial:

Best Version Yet

Mar 19, 2015 by Steve in Ohio

So I applied G5 on the wife's headlights and I feel it turned out great! The clarity is night and day from past formulations. I will say it is much thicker than G4 BUT I found G5 MUCH easier to apply. Past Veil formulations were real runny and sometimes it would get on my paint so it was a pleasant surprise to see this formulation. To make it perfect it could be SLIGHTLY thinner BUT I can live with this G5 just fine. I can not comment on performance just yet but if it anything like G4 I will be a happy man. I also found it EASY to remove from paint since I got a little bit on my wife's paint by the headlight.
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Note: The use of VEIL G5 stealth coating is not a license to speed nor do we advocate speeding.